CoBot systems: IWK wins 2017 German Packaging Award

IWK is making waves in the packaging industry by deploying collaborative robot systems in depalletizing and tube infeed processes – and this innovation has now won recognition from the specialist German Packaging Award expert panel. At this year’s presentation, the panel awarded a prize to the DPC depalletizing system and TZC tube infeed in the “Packaging Machinery (Engineering, Technology, Software)” category.

The award-winning IWK CoBot systems substantially increase cost-efficiency by autonomously supplying the filling line, while also significantly simplifying the handling of empty tubes. They are approved by the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association, and do not require protective guarding. Their openly accessible work areas are constantly monitored by laser scanners, ensuring the highest degree of occupational safety.

The DPC depalletizing system is unique in the industry: Its pneumatic grip arms are able to access up to two pallet spaces, thereby ensuring that the tube filling line always has an uninterrupted supply. This significantly extends the cycle times for subsequent deliveries. IWK has developed a patent-pending approximation solution to enable the removal of single shipping boxes from pallets. The CoBot-supported TZC tube infeed, for which IWK has also received an award, removes the empty tubes and feeds them to the tube filling machine at a rate of up to 300 tubes per minute, with lateral transport rails ensuring precise positioning. The systems’ controls are fully integrated into the IWK system, and are operated via an HMI operator panel, where the system operator can perform all adjustments and parameter settings without need of any programming knowledge.



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