IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH focuses on the efficient, precise, and attractive packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


IWK systems are used in industries that demand very high standards. Improving efficiency and meeting the growing demand for packaging solutions designed for complex product groups places high demands on the engineers. However, they are a decisive driving force in the development of higher performance and more efficient solutions that meet market requirements, while simultaneously underscoring our standard as being an innovation leader.


Good ideas are the foundation for profitable growth. These good ideas – in combination with the pioneering spirit of the company – have helped IWK create a strong global presence. Since its beginning, the company has been well known for focusing on innovations and forging new paths. IWK currently holds numerous patents for key technologies and annually invests significantly more than the industry average in research and development, leading to numerous innovations each year.


The international organization of IWK helps customers all over the world in finding the best packaging solutions. Local representative offices and partners retain close customer contact and enable reliable and fast service. IWK has two manufacturing locations in Europe and Asia. Today, IWK has approximately 450 employees, most of them located at the company’s headquarters in Stutensee, Baden-Wurttemberg. As part of the international ATS Automation, IWK has a financially strong and exceptional technological partner at its side.