The HC 5 is our latest highlight in the field of compact cartoning machines. It has been specially developed for applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in the lower and medium speed range up to 200 cartons/min.

The user-friendly machine concept allows optimum accessibility from all sides.

As with all IWK machines, a fast format change is guaranteed.

This cartoning machine allows the cost-effective packaging of the common products, such as tubes, bottles or blisters with modular design for subsequent installation of additional functions. Thus guarantees the easy adaptation to changing packaging processes. 


  • Silent belt main drive
  • Modern drive concept with separate servos at each transfer
  • Good accessibility & visibility of all stations through large windows/doors on all sides with additional accessibility from the rear of the machine → better visibility and faster troubleshooting
  • Line Clearance
  • Counter vacuum on the carton cycloid for critical cartons
  • Small footprint
  • Minimal door and control cabinet swing
  • Small minimum B-dimension of 15mm
  • Large carton support line at folding carton magazine 1000mm
  • Robust carton chain
  • Easy cleaning through closed cover rail

Technical Data:

Model HC 5
Working principle continuous

Size range (mm)
(machine with 3 chains)

A: 20-105
B: 15-  70
H: 55-180

Size range (mm)
(machine with 4 chains)

A: 20-105
B: 15- 70
H: 80-220
Max. output


The following basic functions are available on all machine types:

  • Product Infeed
  • Carton feeding and carton erection
  • Product Infeed, leaflet feeding
  • Carton closing system with tuck-in and/or glue closure, safety and tamper-evident closure
  • Registration, embossing
  • Control Systems (Code reader)

The following product feeding systems are available depending on machine type:

  • Tube feeding systems
  • Bottle feeding
  • Blister feeding
  • Manual ínfeed


The cartoning machine is preferably used for cartoning products from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The products can be packaged with leaflets in folding cartons.

Automatic product infeed

  • Tubes
  • Bottles
  • Blister
  • Vials

Carton Characteristics / Carton Qualities:

On IWK cartoning machines all carton qualities with paper weights from 250 to 500 g/qm can be processed (DIN 53121). Recycling qualities are applicable. Dimensions and tolerances of the pre-glued carton should be according to DIN 55522.