SC 3 / SC3-800 – UP TO 800 CARTONS/MIN.

The continuous motion cartoner model SC 3 / SC 3-800  at output rates of up to 600 / 800 cartons/ min. is the high-performance solution and the ideal downstream equipment to the TFS 80-6 / 8 tube filling machine widely used in the toothpaste packaging industry.

SC 3Benefits:

  • Lowered product chain for the safe and positive tube transfer from the TFS 80-6 / 8 high-end tube filling machine
  • Use of servo motor drive technology throughout with optimal adaptation of the individual machine functions to the requirements of the packaging process
  • Centralized Touch Screen with 3D visualization
  • Ideal access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Connection to SCADA control system
  • Track and Trace Technology
  • Product identification and traceability

Technical Data:

Model SC 3-800 SC 3

Working principle

continuous continuous

Size range (mm)
(machine with 4 chains)

A: 25-46
B: 20-36
H: 105-205
A: 25-55
B: 20-45
H: 105-230
Max. output (cartons/min) 800 600



The following basic functions are available on all machine types:

  • Product feeding
  • Carton feeding with carton set-up,/span>
  • Product infeed, leaflet feeding
  • Carton closing system with tuck-in and/or glue closure, safety and tamper-evident closure
  • Registration, embossing, control systems (code reader)
  • Product Feeding Systems

The following product feeding systems are available depending on machine type:

  • Tube feeding systems
  • Bottle feeding (by star wheel or auger)
  • Feeding of ampoules, spoons or cannulas
  • 2-6 axis transfer handling systems
  • Sorting, placing and collating of even more difficult products to be fed prior to cartoning

Special feeding systems and application or layout relevant special features are feasible any time.


The cartoners are preferably used for the cartoning of products of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

In principle all products to be packed for selling, dispatching or display purposes  – whether as single product or as multiple pack and with or without leaflet or directions booklet – can be cartoned.

Products / or any combination of this list:

  • Tubes
  • Blisters
  • Vials
  • Ampoules
  • Pouches, bottles, sachets
  • Trays
  • Spoons
  • Cannulas

Carton Characteristics / Carton Qualities:

On the cartoning machines all carton qualities as per DIN 53121 with paper weights of 250-500g/qm can be processed, also recycling qualities are applicable. Dimensions and tolerances of the pre-glued carton should be according to DIN 55522.