HIGH SPEED – TFS 80-4/-6/-8

Highest performance and reliability, intelligent controls for optimal process cycles and outstanding process safety have turned IWK into the market leader with automatic tube filling machines for medium and upper outputs.

The new tube filling line TFS 80-8 guarantees complete weight checking and control, thus reducing tube overfilling significantly. With a fill rate of 750 tubes per minute, the TFS 80-8 is faster than any other tube filling machine in the world.

A wide range of options and additional equipment such as IWKs tube feeding systems, and seamless integration of downstream equipment guarantees that today’s most sophisticated tube packaging demands are met.

TFS 80-8


  • Short changeover times due to quick acting couplings
  • Designed to meet GMP standards, simple operation and optimal accessibility
  • Optimal process cycles and outstanding process safety
  • Allowed time for the work processes regardless of the cycle time of the machine
  • Compact construction
  • Lesser and simplified setup operations, best flexibility and reliability
  • Modular design concepts for diverse tube closing systems and add-on components

Technical Data:

Model TFS 80-4 TFS 80-6 TFS 80-8
Max. output (tubes/min) 340 510 750
Working stations 18 18 24
Tube diameter (mm) 22-40 22-40 22-28
Total tube length (mm) 85-225 102-225 102-192
Dosing volume (ml) 2-200 2-220 2-100



  • Tube feeding systems
  • Tube dedusting
  • Cap tightening
  • Product feeding: Filling systems for highest dosing accuracy, easy to clean, no dripping and stringing, CIP, SIP, ex-protected equipment, sterile, clean room requirements)
  • Quality control systems: particle control, cap presence control, control of deformed tube rims, bad tube ejection
  • Gas purging
  • Tube closing for contour seals
  • Discharge of good tube for downstream processing



Tooth paste, adhesive cream for dentures, ointment, cream, gel, shampoo, hair-dye, adhesives, paint, silicon, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

Tube materials:

Alu-laminate, PE, PE-laminate, Koex

Tube forms:

Cylindrical (with EURO-hole, curved seal) oval, conical, dispenser (dispenser, inserting of pistons) Mascara pencils, cartouches, jars, tottles (capping)