TFS 15

The TFS 15 is a machine in the lower speed range. Special applications such as two-component filling or filling of applicators, makes this machine much more than just a tube filling machine.


  • Short changeover times due to quick acting couplings
  • Constant high-quality tube fold and tube seal quality
  • No mechanical drives in the filling area to prevent product contamination
  • Smooth surfaces for easy machine cleaning
  • Minimum maintenance due to optimal mechanical machine components
  • Best accessibility to wear & tear parts which have been kept to a minimum

Technical Data:

Model TFS 15
Max. output (tubes/min) 90
Working stations 10
Tube diameter (mm) 10-60
Total tube length (mm) 40-250
Dosing volume (ml) 1,5-400


  • Tube feeding systems
  • Tube print registration
  • Tube dedusting
  • Cap tightening
  • Quality control systems: cap presence control, bad tube ejection
  • Product feeding: Filling systems for highest dosing accuracy, easy to clean, no dripping and stringing, CIP
  • Labeling (Embossing, Laser/Ink-jet-printing)
  • Tube closing for contour seals
  • Discharge of good tube for downstream processing



Toothpaste, adhesive cream for dentures, ointment, cream, gel, shampoo, hair-dye, adhesives, paint, silicon, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

Tube materials:

Aluminium, Alu-laminate, PE, PE-laminate, Koex

Tube forms:

Cylindrical (with EURO-hole, curved seal) oval, conical, dispenser (dispenser, inserting of pistons) Mascara pencils, cartouches, jars, tottles (capping)