TZ Series 

Modular tube feeding systems are used to meet ever more demanding process and packaging requirements. They are a versatile supplement to IWK´s tube filling machinery for most diverse products and packages.

Magazine  TZT: Feeding magazine which is used in combination with low speed tube filling machines. TZT is used for outputs of up to 90 tubes/min.

Magazine  TZM: A reservoir between TZM magazine and the tube filling machine ensures an uninterrupted filling operation. It is used for outputs of up to 120 tubes/min.

Tube Feeding Unit TZF: Extensive uninterrupted production of the tube filling machine is ensured by the voluminous TZF tube bunker. It is used for an output of up to 220 tubes/min.

Tube Feeding System TZ: Four different TZ machine variations and two machine sizes are available. Used in combination with tube filler outputs of up to 300 tubes/min.


  • Simple operation
  • Gentle tube handling, no lacerations, dents etc.
  • Suitable for Laminar Flow (model TZ, TZM)
  • Handling of all commercially available tube materials
  • Handling of various tube setting patterns in their shipping boxes
  • Fast and reproducible size changeovers
  • Large supply of empty tubes

Technical Data:

Model TZT TZM TZF TZ 101-204
Max. output (tubes/min) 90 120 220 300
Tube diameter (mm) 11-60 13.5-40 10-63.5 12.7-60
Total tube length (mm) 50-250 60-230 60-250 75-250
Max. box size-LxWxH (mm) 500×330 595x395x230 650x600x265 650x430x265


Available for:

  • FP Series (flex versions)
    FP 34-1; FP 46-2; FP 64-3

  • TFS 80-6 / 80-8
  • Loading direction: Right, left or front side

Technical Data:

  • Max. output (tubes/min): 760
  • Tube diameter (mm): 22-40
  • Total tube length (mm): 94-226
  • Max. box size-LxWxH (mm): 650x650x260